The Praxis Zugersee is Switzerland's leading center for intimate surgery.
One of our main treatments is the labia reduction.
We are happy to be there for you and welcome you!

Intimate surgery

As the word itself says the genital area represents a very special area of the body. For a long time intimate surgery in Switzerland was a taboo subject but today a rethinking is taking place and many women can finally feel taken seriously in their concerns. The reasons for labia reduction are manifold. Often the labia are reduced because of pain in the pubic area, for example when cycling or wearing tight-fitting garments. Many patients also complain of pain during intercourse.

After a labia reduction patients can move freely again, choose their clothes freely and in over 50% of women the sexual sensation improves significantly.

What we stand for

In the center are you. You are human, you are unique, you have your story, your feelings, your wishes. Our task is to make your ideas a reality and to strengthen your uniqueness. That is why we speak with you personally, in detail and openly. Then together we determine the best way to implement your wishes. Our way of thinking is holistic. It determines our work and our offer. Beauty and wellbeing consist of many facets that vary from person to person. Our proven treatments can be individually tailored to your needs. Only something is always the same: they are in the center.